Options in Shadowbox JS Plugin

Shadowbox uses the following properties.

Title Definition
animate Initial is true. Putting false will ban animations (except fades). This option will relieve PC from bad effect, if that PC has not good performance.
animateFade Initial is true. To ban all fades put false.
animSequence Put "wh" (width first, then height), "hw" (vice verca), and "sync" as initial.
autoplayMovies Initial true. Put falsefor movies that loaded automatically.
continuous Initial it’s false. This option is for galleries that has a limit, like before the 1st picture and the end of the gallery. truewill make changing pictures from the last one to the first one with “Next” option.
counterLimit Initial it’s 10. It puts the limit of elements in a gallery if they exceed the current number in a style counter.
counterType "default" is initial and equals to message 1 of 5. "skip" enables navigation.
displayCounter Initial is true. The counter in the gallery will be hidden if to put false.
displayNav trueis initial. Put false for hiding navigation in gallery.
enableKeys trueis initial. Put false to ban keyboard on navigation.
fadeDuration 0.35 seconds is initial duration of the fades.
flashParams Default properties of  flash  <object> is bgcolor. – {bgcolor:"#000000"}. See this partial list.
flashVars Flash film (FlashVars) variables as initial {}.
flashVersion "9.0.0" is a initial version on flash required.
handleOversize For adjusting the mode of content which is oversized. "none", "resize", or "drag". None doesn’t change dimensions and resize (default) is for customize the size. Drag is showing the initial resolution of the big images and makes it possible for user to clip. Check demo to see examples.
handleUnsupported This option helps unsupported video/images (with no plugin installed) to be displayed. It has two parameters "link" or "remove".  The first alerts the error and "link"to needed plugin installation page. The second just deletes the elements that are not displayed.
initialHeight The plugin’s height Initial 160pixels.
initialWidth The plugin’s width Initial 320 pixels.
modal Put trueto avoid mouse clicking and not to close the plugin.
onChange It’s a hook parameter. It starts when gallery elements change.
onClose The opposite parameter, it starts when the plugin.
onFinish The same parameter that starts when elements finish loading.
onOpen The function starts when the plugin opens. Calling false won’t allow plugin to open.
overlayColor The modal overlay colour. "#000"is initial.
overlayOpacity The modal overlay using opacity. 0.5 is initial.
resizeDuration 0.35 seconds is initial time to resize media.
showOverlay trueis initial parameter of showing overlay.
showMovieControls false will ban to show the control bars in media players like.
skipSetup true calls the Shadowbox.setup. true is initial parameter.
slideshowDelay The time between each element of gallery switch. Initial value is 0.
troubleElements Using modal overlay these objects can be hidden ["select", "object", "embed", "canvas"]. After plugin closes these elements enable.
viewportPadding 20 is a default number of padding to suit window of the browser.

Put these options to Shadowbox.init :


Per link these options can be shown on the usage page.