Shadowbox.js Plugin’s Compatibility and Support


Next browsers can be used for Shadowbox:
opera browser
Browsers don’t support Quirks mode, however, it will still be working. To use the plugin you have to put one of DOCTYPE syntax on top of the HTML code. Just write down one of the snippets provided below, don’t use comments or prior space. This way web standards will display your page.
If any questions occur regarding necessity go to this article.


The application runs in two modes: standalone and with adapters. The second variant helps the app to choose the way on its structure to reach the target like claiming Document Object Model. Here the main adapters’ frameworks that go in a package with the plugin:

dojo tool

moo tools


ext core

yahoo library


Downloading the code, choose the corresponding adapter.


The app works along with different video players/modes like Adobe Flash, WMP, and QuickTime. The latter (Flip4Mac QuickTime) plugin is used for displaying Windows video files on its counterpart Mac.

JW FLV Player supports media Flash. Using this mode, it shows the same result on many other platforms. Getting to know better about this player, refer to the section of FAQ.

Mechanism of detection is a cool feature of Shadowbox. This is a plugin that smartly identifies the user’s capability to overview the linked media. The app will instantly identify which of two players you use while watching films. If the client doesn’t install the appropriate plugin, the app will provide a link to download the necessary program by default, or just won’t display the gallery overall. Follow this option – handleUnsupported, to find out what way will be configured.