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Those web creators, that would prefer to use Shadowbox on an advert resource, are provided with commercial licenses.

Shadowbox is an application which works as an internet-based image/video viewer. It’s applicable to all of the Internet widespread audio and video formats. This app is created with CSS and JavaScript; it can be widely customized. The core benefit of the app is that it allows web resources creators to put and play their preferable media right away in popular Internet browsers.


What are the unique features of Shadowbox JS?

Validated HTML language is used by Shadowbox. Making it works, you won’t rely on artificial HTML properties in anchor tags. Shadowbox tries its best not to sustain multiple issues of standards abidance.
Plugin Help
While the user doesn’t enable plugins for viewing some media content of the website, and he’s looking at an obscure split picture or icons of a puzzle piece, Shadowbox allows to save the client’s time. It spares the clients’ nerves from by plugin with smart mechanism of detection. One more cool feature is it won’t overflow the preview window with those unpleasant scrollbars.
Out of Frameworks
With Shadowbox every developer is flexible due to unique abilities: the app is adapted any framework of JavaScript and can also be run as a stand-alone program.
With the Application, you can publish your media web sources in the widespread formats and software like images, media players Windows Media Player, Flash, Flash video, QuickTime, HTML, and even outside internet resources. Regardless how you publish your media content, Shadowbox makes it easier.
Best feature is there are multiple options of Shadowbox, which are very useful when you like to customize some features of working. Just with simple clicks you adjust your option, and won’t even go to code.
Shadowbox is equipped with a package that supports multiple languages. It is easy to adjust Shadowbox in different languages and freely communicate with users of many countries.
Smooth and Compact
You’ll be surprised of code written for the app. It’s module, short and smooth. Moreover, you have a chance to make a custom form which will contain only that features that you need, so it has the same light weight that you could reasonably expect.
Acts with Others
The app’s unobtrusiveness is shown when clients don’t enable JavaScript and the webpage loads and displays regardless. The application works absolutely out of the way.


The first way is to display one thumbnail image or is better to say a little piece of the image. With thumbnail link, Shadowbox will open the full format of this image. So just click on it.

Tiger Colours

CAlso, you can place your content in a gallery. So to view it continuously use a “skip”-style counter.

Red Mustang Blue Mustang Grey Mustang

As we told before Shadowbox works with Adobe’s Flash Player plugin. If you don’t enable Flash or it’s invalid right now, the app will offer to enable it or download/install it anyway so you’ll be able to view the content.

Skip Caveman

Single SWF SWF Gallery

Well well, along with images, Shadowbox deals with all video formats. Check them out!

Guitar Joker Sweetness
YouTube QuickTime Yahoo! Video
Vimeo Ukulele Alien
Vimeo Google Video Flash Video

The page developer has some freedom in choosing the way to display the image on small browsers’ screens. All depends on special app’s option handle Oversize and its value. Look at these three examples, but remember to make small your browser screen and you’ll see the difference between these parameters.

Resized (the default)

Find more on a source.
Follow this instruction to install plugin:


Shadowbox.js License grants a permission to users. It actually gives the personal right to have the application with no fee. It referred to non-commercial clients. For commercial ones, the app also offers some options. So read the terms of this document beforehand.

Purchasing the license for commercial goals, you’ll get the opportunity to use the app on all your domains.
There are two types of licenses for commercial users: first is when you’re an independent creator, second is when it’s a single company of developers. Fulfill the form below to buy described types of licenses. The procedure is secure. Purchase by PayPal.

License type:


Shadowbox gives its credits to Lightbox and LightWindow creators as they were an inspiration and core idea for creating the app.
Shane Gorski and his picture Altaic Warrior is taken in accordance with No Derivative 2.0 License.

Scarleth White and her Colours regulated by Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License.

Wyatt Miles owns all of the displayed Flash images and animations.