Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to open plugin Shadowbox for Flash films?

You need to call code Shadowbox, using function getURL in ActionScript’s. It’s easy to do that. Just determine the JS callback function, like that:

faqThis function should be put in HTML document between tags <head>, another way is to add this code in tags <script>. Calling this custom function, indicate getURL in a Flash film such as:


2. Do I able to open plugin apart of iframe?

Yes, but you need to know the basics. When you open plugin you open two different windows, window with iframe is considered as parent. Knowing how to call the objects apart from the main window will enable you to run JS apart from the iframe.

As well as normal window, iframe has the parent object, so you may use this code to reside plugin from the main window:


In this case, bear in mind that all actions proceed in the main window. To return the plugin to the iframe, add code to the document’s top.

3. Can I play Flash video with JW FLV player?

Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license has terms that don’t allow the JW FLV player to be used with the plugin.

But you can go to the longtail website, download and unzip the player ( file) in the directory of your libraries. Inside there will be a player.swf file. Then the plugin could use this file.

If you have problems getting it to work, try checking the permissions on the directory and the file. The directory of the mediaplayer , just like all directories that you’d like to be publicly viewable, must be readable.

If you’d like to customize the FlashVars that you pass to the JW FLV player, you can find a full list of available FlashVars here.

If I purchase a Shadowbox license, is that good for the JW FLV player as well?

No. If you would like to use the JW FLV player in a corporate setting, please purchase a separate license from the longtail website.

Why do I have errors in Internet Explorer when it works in other web browsers?

Are you using the proper DOCTYPE?

How do I include a caption?

Shadowbox does not currently support captions.

Can I display PDF files using Shadowbox?

There is currently no 100% reliable method of determining via JavaScript whether or not a user’s browser is capable of displaying a PDF or if PDF’s must be downloaded and viewed in Acrobat. For this reason, Shadowbox does not include PDF support.