Insights of Netent Casinos Platforms

Founded more than 50 years ago, in 1966, this Scandinavian company since the beginning has been focusing its activities on the newest features of gambling. The main goal is to boost the qualitative characteristics and to incept innovative ways of enjoying online amusements for everyone. Currently, this entity is sharing the leading position with other reputable software platforms in the world. This article will describe the most interesting information concerning Netent and its commodities. Also, find bloggers describing popular casino operators, for example, Katie checks NetEnt casino sites and gives tips on recommending the safest and most fair casinos.

Main Platforms Compatible with Netent Casinos

netent casino platformsGenerally, there are two common approaches of presenting an entertainment to the customer. The first one requires downloading relevant software on any device that you have. Enter the official website (not suspicious websites, forums, etc.) or some common databases for applications and then install the file.

It takes approximately 5-10 minutes for everything. The second way is to play without any extra movements. Therefore, online casinos offer games on their portal. Just register yourself in the system and click on “play”. Afterward, the browser will automatically run it.

Instant Play with HTML5

Currently, this operational mechanism is the main one. WHATWG and WWW did a great job by presenting HTML5. Nowadays, it allows having the best graphics for online applications in the world. Moreover, it overrides many previous restrictions and permits even Apple fans to enjoy instant entertainments. Interestingly, this new update of HyperText was launched in 2014 and already that year Netent released a fresh product – The Invisible Man.

Adobe Flash Benefits

netent casino benefitsDefinitely, this software is quite old and it does not cover all the gadgets, like those which are based on iOS. Nevertheless, it was the premier prototype for instant games. It opened the world of new emotions having great visual effects and outstanding quality of the video.

Indeed, it demands only few clicks to enjoy any option available on the website. Moreover, it complies with high speed internet limits. However, the ultimate result depends on your current internet provider. Follow these articles to get to know the latest features and innovations of Netent casinos:

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Netent Casinos Apps at Your Disposal

netent casinos platformsAgreeing the above mentioned, look only for official sources to get the program. Actually, it is extremely easy as such databases are quite popular and well-known. For followers of Cupertino products, go to iTunes or AppStore.

For all Android OS customers, the best way is Google Play. Both programs work quite the same, just type the title of the application or use QR-code. Additionally, there is the Microsoft Store with its small market. However, they also include games of NetEntertainment.

Netent Casinos Modes

Certainly, the main idea is to spread the possibility to enjoy the products at any time and using any device. Historically, the only way to get experience was to enter the website through the PC. The flow of technology allowed to do the same with laptops.

Currently, both possibilities are accepted, plus tablets and phones. Thus, there are different applications for each of these means. Undoubtedly, it is justified because there are other resolutions for the screen, graphics, etc. Nevertheless, developers do a great job and create an application which satisfies the majority of the customers.

Netent Touch Technology on Mobile

insights of netent casinosThe newest decade brought a possibility to do everyday work using just a mobile phone. Thus, in 2011 NetEnt launched another part of their software with the additional word “Touch”. The idea is that one click is enough to enter the wonderful gambling world.

Therefore, it represents a common title regarding entertainments for portable devices. Each 2-3 months there is one more product. Moreover, there are many versions of the same amusement. For instance, Black Jack Touch, Black Jack Touch Single Desk, Black Jack Classic Touch, etc..

Desktop Version

The oldest way to run a program is to download it and install on the PC. Here is the main advantage of such kind, it covers the widest range of opportunities. Indeed, if your favorite amusement was created a long time ago, there is a chance that it is not available for instant play.

netent casinos reviewMoreover, this way is less affected by the internet speed changes.As a big part of the application is installed, less connection is required. Additionally, this initialization takes a few minutes and includes basic games.

Actually, professional gamblers consider it a disadvantage as they should search for other entertainments and include them separately. Eventually, it increases the space which can go really high and constitutes a problem for a hard disk. Nevertheless, the main problem is a total support by Windows OS. Other operating systems do not accept that.

Games Selections at Netent Casinos

The NetEnt has always taken one important path of developing – quality is always more valuable than quantity. Thus, it has only a bit more than 200 commodities. This amount is quite small. In 2007 the company went on IPO and received a lot of cash.

Since that time its promo has been to focus on the right graphics, sounds, flexibility for a customer, etc. Interestingly, there is a favorable tendency towards iOS. These users have more opportunities and better gaming characteristics. But, averagely, everyone gets high standards. Additionally to the visual performances, the RTP is around 95-98%.

Customized Live Casino Features

netent casinos featuresEveryone wants to feel that he/she is an important part of the company. This desire becomes true with live versions of amusements. Certainly, good internet streaming speed is required. Thus, 3G should be the lowest connection on your device if you intend to try. Hence, the operators are following the gaming history of each player, its winnings and losses, a quantity of play through money, etc.

Therefore, the staff can create special promotions and award gifts. A magnificent feature is that all these movements should be made in 5-10 minutes as it is unpredictable when the individual will stop being online. The types of prizes are quite common. They might be extra credits, cash back or any existing bonus.

Slots with Extended Graphical and Audio Opportunities

Undoubtedly, Netent slots are among the leaders on the market. First of all, they attract people by the superb graphics, full-screen image, 3D options, millions of colors, etc. Additionally, a company has great varieties of sounds during the playing time, which are accompanied by the high-quality music while you are at “menu”.

You will be shocked by gaming performances, taking into account availability or 3- and 5-reels options, 98-99% of RTP, perfect work of RNG and many others. Moreover, the agreements with famous giant companies allow creating themed and brand commodities, such as Jack Hammer series or Gonzo’s Quest.

High-Quality Table and Other Games

netent casinos gamesCertainly, each entertainment which exists in land-based casinos is presented by NetEnt developers as well. Mainly, it concerns tables, which are extremely popular. Thus, there are all the possibilities, such as Roulette, Blackjack, Scratch Cards and Baccarat.

The rules are quite the same as everywhere, so you don’t need to check it many times. The betting system is divided into three categories: high, standard and low. The medium version sets limitations from 1 to 40 euro per wager. Meanwhile, video poker even accepts stakes of 10 cents. What’s important, these options have also been available on live versions since 2012.