Review of Netent Live Casinos Features

The newest upgrade of the Netent casino gambling performances is a possibility to get real feelings of enjoying your personally favourite amusement without the necessity of going out. The flow of technology offers to play online seeing the dealer and the table on distance.

Everything is like in a land based place. However, the person is not physically next to it. Good connection to internet permits to enjoy best Netent casinos in real time without difficulties. We will explain the most important aspects of the playing sphere, indicating some crucial elements.

Real-Time Streaming Properties

netent casinos with live dealerComplying with abovementioned, the only important requirement is to possess a (good) internet. Enter a website using a PC, laptop, tablet, phone, etc. Through the account click on live mode and get a full screen view of the table and a worker staying next to it. In order to prevent from cheating, there are 2 or, sometimes, 3 cameras watching the place from different angles.

Moreover, the view can change on the gadget from portrait to landscape option. Furthermore, the microphone also frequently should be in normal conditions as you may speak to the staff, ask for advice, discuss other matters or, even, complain. However, most of the products support only chats. It is convenient for everyone and creates anonymity, what people want.

Live Casinos Customized Rewards

A totally new and modern feature is a creation of unique prizes for Netent live customers. The main characteristic here is a prompt realization of the campaign as there is not much time to generate a special award. The purpose is to attract an individual and to make him continue playing.

Therefore, the reward type should be created fast and, preferable, be personalized to the relevant gambler. The forms are usual: money (in any currency according to exchange rate), some gift (invitation to event, free hours, reducing the charges for withdrawing, etc) or free spins. Thus, the user may not predict the action and would be positively surprised. Consequently, the longer stay is guaranteed.

Netent Live Casinos Products

features of live netent casinosThe implementation process of this mode takes time for IT specialists, real physical space for legalized activities, faithful and professional workers, etc. Unfortunately, not each casino operator has such option. However, it is an ultimate goal.

Currently, few hundred products have live regime and willing to invite short- and long-term clients. Nowadays, many traditional card games can work with video in the web. They bring the majority of people. We will cover few popular examples and explain how it really operates. Nevertheless, the best path to discover it is to run the program by yourself.


Undoubtedly, this game is popular in real land based places. However, the Netent live version allows getting the same emotions. Stop looking at a screen with bad quality images and get HD standard with superb conditions. The dealer is absolutely professional as the main requirement is to have experience for years in such a position.

The camera will show a Maltese office with only one person and a table, which has a wheel and some space to bet, to demonstrate the chips, money, etc. The ball is going around before your eyes, so you can clearly check the process.


live netent casinos propertiesCertainly, the equal norms apply to this entertainment as well: a background of a croupier, a condition of video streaming, existence of the chat for prompt notifications. Additionally, there may be 7 persons “seating” at once at a table.

Thus, they compete with each other and the Netent casino itself. All the info is displayed on the side with the cards, availability of cash, chances to win and the next move to take. Furthermore, the pair is shown secretly to ensure the fair play. Anyway, if something seems suspicious or not clear, write on chat or to the contact office directly.

Draw Blackjack

The premier knowledge you should get is 99.5% RTP of this game! Interested? The similar terms cover this amusement and the abovementioned. Nevertheless, this option is faster and more fascinating. Each of (maximum) 7 users has identical cards. A dealer, of course, has different pair. Hence, everyone is taking a decision separately, concerning the further action.

Some players want to split, others – to stay or take another card. Finally, there will be only one or few winners. So, it is intriguing to see moves of others with the same pair. It is always unpredictable. The video divides the screen into two partsupper for the interaction with others and the lower for each individual. Therefore, it allows seeing everything without additional manipulations.