HTML5 Netent Casinos Improvements

The purpose of developing HTML5 is to enhance the support level for multimedia technologies while maintaining backward compatibility, human readability of the code and simplicity of the analysis for parsers.

In fact, it implies better interactive and compatibility opportunities during gambling. This format has an improved performance compared with the previous Flash tech. It’s been called the next innovation step, as Netent casinos began to use this format to create new one for converting their old games.

Longer Battery Life

netent casinos on html5 platformUnfortunately, laptops, tabs and smartphones can’t work without a battery. Contrary to the PC, they need to be charged, which limits their functionality period. We can compare the efficiency of HTML5 with its predecessor. While Flash had to use literally alternative code that must be built in website pages, we can now deal with an HTML language itself.

The new standard utilizes much fewer resources to show the content while having improved other constituents. Thus we obtain better results together with a longer working period.

Better Sounds and Graphics

The issue of working with graphics and sounds has been solved only with the introduction of this solution. The language’s structure supports tools that allow to set the easy use of pictures and music. For instance, HTML5 has the tag ‘audio’ responsible for a quick layout of sounds to the webpage. The same as working with images wouldn’t have been full without the possibility to insert ready pictures into the document.

Same Version for PC and Smartphone

Now, HTML is supported by all major browsers. What does this mean to us? – We don’t have to worry about the compatibility anymore. Playing on the PC will be the same as on your smartphone. Unlike Flash, there are no multiple versions of the format; the boundary between devices is being erased. For such a company as Net Entertainment that means that it should issue only one version of the game. Thus, there’s more time to develop more innovative and breathtaking features and products.

Converting Old Flash Games to HTML5

html5 netent casinos propertiesThere’s no surprise in the fact that the provider converts all its games released before 2014 into this format. Thus, the compatibility increases and its casinos receive a tool to attract new visitors. For instance, Apple users, as their devices don’t interact with Flash at all.

But, Safari is good with the new formatting. The first title to came out in 2014 was the Invisible Man. Since the next year, all products have been built with HTML5.

100+ Titles on Mobile

In order to have access to the mobile gaming world, NetEnt has launched its Touch platform. It was a glimpse of the future, as today it proposes the portfolio of 100+ items. Even Playtech or Microgaming have around 60 names on offer. The imperceptible transition between computer and smartphone made the product look perfectly on the small phone screen. Basing on this format, you’re able to play favorites on any Android, Apple or Microsoft device.

Better Live Netent Casinos Experience

Quite a huge amount of people prefer its portfolio for its unique features and an outstanding experience. Yet, the company is one step away from being a leading supplier of live gambling services.

Qualitative HD streaming, low latency and increasing playing list provide with unforgettable impressions in the process. Experienced hosts will guide all the way you wager money at favorite table games. Choosing NetEnt’s live casinogives you a chance of changing any part from chat options to audio settings and the view of the window.